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Anastasia Black

Violin teacher

Hi, I'm Anastasia! I was first was introduced to the violin at 4 years old when my older siblings started learning how to play, I knew from day one that I wanted to keep up with them and prove that “I could do it too”. After several years of formal lessons and formal testing I started branching out into different styles. Over the next few decades I fell in love with making music and learned to play several instruments. But despite playing multiple instruments, the violin remained my favorite, and it continues to bring me the most joy. I've stepped in and out of multiple genres and styles, but I always come back to the Celtic music my grandparents grew up with, because that's where I feel the most at home. Teaching music is a chance for me to help someone else find that peace and joy that I find when I play. Music can be serious and difficult, but it can also be full of joy and fun, and helping others to find that balance is an exciting challenge.

On the rare occasions that I’m not playing music, I’m either out on my bike exploring the city, spending time with family, or having fun making photorealistic renders of my 3D architectural designs.

Anastasia Black
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