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Aoran Li

Piano teacher

Aoran offers lessons in English and Chinese (Mandarin).

Hi, I'm Aoran! My musical journey started when I was about 9 when I first heard a young lady playing Ballade Pour Adeline by Richard Clayderman at a hotel music bar situated near the beach in my home town where I would occasional walk by to go to the beach. At the time I was charmed by the beauty and gracefulness of the piece. That was when I started to be fascinated by how the instrument could produce such wonderful sounds. Since then, I decided to learn piano. The journey however, was not easy for me. I've switched many different teachers and wanted to quit many times but I managed to stick it through because there was always some fascinating piece of music out there that caught my attention. As I took on the challenges presented by the pieces I wanted to learn, I became better and better. It did not take long before I started playing for an orchestra, jazz band, choir, and then started to write and produce music for fun. Now, besides working as a professional engineer, playing piano and teaching music is what I'm passionate about.

Aoran Li
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