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Catherine-Rose Ierullo

Piano and voice teacher

Catherine-Rose offers lessons in English and Italian.

Hi, I’m Catherine-Rose! My instruments are piano and vocals. I’ve graduated from York University with both a Bachelor of Honors in Music, and a Bachelor of Education. Prior to this, I’ve spent many years studying at the Royal Conservatory of Music. I have taught for a number of years at a private music school. I’m a very people person and I strive to get to know my students. I enjoy encouraging them and bringing out their strengths and abilities. I feel it is an essential aspect of learning to provide accommodations based on the individual student, as every student comes with his/her own background, interests, and learning styles. I’m part of a music duo, as singer-songwriters and music engineers.

Other than music, I enjoy being outdoors and watching movies.

Catherine-Rose Ierullo
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