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Olivia Hou

Piano teacher

Olivia offers lessons in English and Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin).

Hi, I'm Olivia! Music has always been an integral part of my life ever since my parents enrolled me in piano lessons at the age of five. With their encouragement and support, I developed a passion for both classical and modern music once I was able to play pieces that I enjoyed, and I would spend hours at the piano perfecting a piece. I continued to learn and grow as a pianist by completing the RCM curriculum and completing the Level 10 practical exam in high school. Now I am currently working on completing my ARCT diploma in piano performance. What inspired me to teach music was the invaluable personal growth results I achieved through learning music. Growing up I was always a more shy individual, but music was what developed my confidence as I was able to hone a valuable lifelong skill that I could proudly call my own. Playing in recitals and in public helped with my confidence as I learned to face the challenges of being on stage; music also allowed me to connect with the emotions of other people and experience living through the different worlds of the past and the present. Making music is cathartic and it has always helped me as an outlet for emotions throughout the ups and downs of life. Because music has so profoundly impacted me in many ways, I want to pass on my knowledge and assist others with their personal growth and confidence, helping them see the world through an artistic lens and help them develop a skill that they would carry on with them throughout their entire lives.

Aside from playing piano, I love to draw and paint. I have worked with many mediums, but I mainly do traditional Chinese brush paintings and digital illustrations!

Olivia Hou
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