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Why choose Xavier's School of Music?

It all starts with commitment. You may not have more time on your hands, but your time spent learning music might just be the most valuable, and those who choose to make time for music are the ones who truly value the art.

You're never too old. Or too young.

Denying yourself the world of music because of your age is an unfortunate mistake that many people make - but you can choose differently. At Xavier's School of Music, students of ALL ages are welcome to start their music-learning experience. Let's get started!

Choose the instrument you would like to learn.

We also offer lessons for cello, clarinet, saxophone, music theory, and more!

"Nathanael has been our piano teacher for my 10 year old for almost a year. He has been wonderful. Not only does he explain everything simply for her to understand, he also exhibits a lot of patience while she is learning. He always encourages her to do her best no matter how hard it may seem. He offers good feedback and most importantly, he tailors her lessons to her needs and wants. That is what has kept her interested. He will design her lessons in a way that keeps it attainable and she is very happy to continue learning what she likes. Highly recommend Nathanael!"

- Carrie, parent of a beginner piano student

Here's what parents and students are saying about us.

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