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Studio Policy.

Xavier's School of Music Studio Policy

All lessons that take place at our school are governed by the studio policy below.*
Please read this information carefully before signing up for lessons.

*Effective September 1st, 2023 onward. The policy is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Section 1a - Payments and registration

  • New students will be required to pay a $20.00 registration fee when they sign up for their 30-minute free trial lesson, valued at $28 or $38 depending on the lesson location (see "Lesson Rates" below).

  • Payments are made monthly in advance as a subscription through our website.

  • All monthly subscriptions include 4 lessons (one lesson per week)

Section 1b - Payments during studio closure dates

  • The studio will be closed during the following 4 weeks throughout the year (actual closure dates will be emailed to all parents and students closer to the time of each closure):

    • The last week of December (Christmas break)​

    • The first week of January (Christmas break)

    • The second or third week of March (March break)

    • The first week of July (Canada Day/start of Summer break)

  • During a studio closure, all lessons are canceled and no makeup lessons will be given for lessons that fall within the dates of a studio closure. You will still be charged for these lessons. For example, if you have a class on January 4th and this falls within the studio closure dates, you will still be charged for this class and no makeup lesson will be granted. This is because for months with 5 weeks, you will be paying for 4 lessons but will be receiving 5 lessons. Therefore, in certain months when the studio is closed, you will be paying for 4 lessons but will be receiving 3 lessons. ​

Section 1c - Lessons that fall on holidays outside studio closure dates

  • If your lesson falls on a statutory holiday, you can either choose to continue with the lesson as normal (provided that both you and your teacher are available), or choose to reschedule the lesson to another date and time. Please note that you will need to inform your teacher beforehand (at least a day in advance) if you would like to reschedule the lesson.

  • List of statutory holidays in Ontario (outside the XSOM studio closure dates):

    • Family Day (third Monday in February)​

    • Good Friday (usually in March or April)

    • Easter Monday (usually in April)

    • Victoria Day (Monday before May 25)

    • Civic Holiday (first Monday in August)

    • Labour Day (first Monday in September)

    • Thanksgiving (second Monday in October)

Section 1d - Scheduling

  • When you first sign up for lessons, you will be presented with one or more available time slots. It is expected that you stick to your time slot for the duration of your lessons (i.e. if you choose to have your lessons on Fridays at 5pm, please stick to this time slot each week without changing it).

  • If you would like to make a permanent change to your schedule for music lessons (whether you are changing the time of the lesson, the day or the lesson, or both), you will need to notify your teacher as well as XSOM admin by the 15th of the month. Your request to permanently change the date and time of your weekly lessons primarily depends on the availability of your teacher, and this request can either be approved or denied. Please refrain from making frequent changes to your weekly schedule (this does not include makeup lessons that may take place outside of your regular schedule).

Section 1e - Lesson rates

  • Lesson rates vary depending on the location and duration of the lesson.

  • We do not have a physical storefront, therefore, all lessons take place in the teacher's home, the student's home, or online.

  • If you would like a teacher to come to your home, a $10 surcharge will apply for each lesson.

  • Please visit our Plans & Pricing page for the most up-to-date rates on music lessons at XSOM. 

Section 2a - Cancellations

  • To cancel a lesson, first contact both your teacher and XSOM at least a day in advance.

  • Simply email your teacher and copy "" with the date and time of the class that you would like to cancel, as well as the reason for canceling.

  • All lessons canceled must be made up, with no exceptions. We do not provide refunds. See section 3a for more information on makeup lessons.

Section 2b - Cancelling at least a day before your lesson

  • You can cancel a lesson for any reason provided that the cancellation is made at least a day in advance. For example, if your lesson takes place on a Friday, regardless of the time it is scheduled for, you will have until Thursday at 11:59 PM to cancel the lesson for any reason.

  • You must email both your teacher and XSOM admin with the reason for the cancellation. Your teacher will respond with any available time slots to have your makeup lesson.

Section 2c - Cancelling on the day of your lesson

  • Classes canceled on the day of your lesson must be due to an extenuating circumstance (i.e. something out of your control that stops you from attending your lesson). See section 2e for extenuating circumstances.

  • You will still be required to email both your teacher and XSOM admin with the reason for the cancellation.

Section 2d - Late cancellations and no-shows

  • If your class has already started and you cancel it, regardless of the reason, this will count as a no-show. You will still be charged for this lesson and you will not be granted a makeup lesson, no exceptions.

  • If no communication is made from the parent/student to the teacher and XSOM about a lesson cancellation, this will also count as a no-show. You will still be charged for this lesson and you will not be granted a makeup lesson, no exceptions.

Section 2e - Extenuating circumstances

  • Please note that you can only cancel a lesson due to an extenuating circumstance on the day of your lesson.

  • Some examples of extenuating circumstances include (but are not limited to):

    • The student is sick​

    • A family member passes away

    • Inclement or dangerous weather conditions (for in-person lessons only)

    • Severe internet issues (for online lessons only)

  • If you need to cancel the lesson due to an emergency, please contact us either by phone at 647-947-9237 or by email at

Section 3a - Makeup lessons

  • You will only be granted a makeup lesson if you cancel your regular lesson at least a day before, or on the day of (before your lesson) due to an extenuating circumstance. After emailing both your teacher and XSOM, your teacher will reach out to you with any available time slots for the makeup lesson.

  • The following 3 options are available for a makeup lesson:

    • Choose another day of the week to have your makeup lesson. For example, if you typically have your lessons on Fridays, you can have your makeup lesson on another day of the week.

    • Combine your makeup lesson with your regular lesson. For example, if you typically have your lessons on Fridays, and your lessons are 30 minutes long, you can have a 1-hour lesson on the following Friday which would count as a makeup lesson

    • Request a substitute teacher (only if the first two options are unavailable). In the extremely unlikely event that your teacher will be unavailable to make up a lesson, please contact XSOM directly and we can arrange a substitute teacher for your makeup lesson.

  • Please note that makeup lessons never expire - there is no deadline for completing a makeup lesson. If you miss a lesson, you can make it up at any time, however, it is recommended to complete your makeup lesson in a timely manner (within one month) if possible.​

  • A makeup lesson will not be granted in the following situations:

    • The student forgets to attend the lesson (i.e. a no-show).​

    • The student cancels the lesson after the lesson has started.

    • The student doesn't show up to the lesson without any prior communication.

    • The student fails to schedule a makeup lesson with their teacher. If the student cancels a lesson, it is the student's responsibility to communicate with XSOM and with their teacher. 

    • It is ultimately up to the XSOM admin's discretion whether or not a student will be granted a makeup lesson.

Section 3b - Pausing lessons

  • Pausing lessons means that you plan on resuming lessons at XSOM in the near future.

  • You can pause lessons for a maximum of 4 weeks. The longer you pause your lessons, the greater the chances of you losing your time slot and/or your teacher to another student. We cannot guarantee your time slot and/or your teacher will be available when you return. All lessons missed during the absence will need to be made up, with the exception of July OR August (see below). If you decide to resume lessons and it has been more than a month since your last lesson, a $20 re-registration fee will apply.

  • You are allowed to pause lessons for either the month of July OR the month of August without being required to make up those lessons, due to the summer break. Please notify XSOM admin at least a month in advance if you will be pausing lessons for either July OR August.

Section 3c - Stopping lessons

  • Stopping lessons means that you do not plan to continue to take lessons at XSOM.

  • If you would like to stop lessons at Xavier's School of Music for whatever reason, you will need to notify XSOM admin by the 15th of the month. For example, if you want to stop lessons beginning in August, you must notify us by July 15th. 

  • If you notify us after the 15th of the month of your intent to stop lessons, a $20 cancellation fee will apply.

  • You will be required to complete an exit survey which will be emailed to you.

Section 4a - Lateness

  • Give yourself ample time to commute to the teacher's home if you selected that option when you registered.

  • If there is an extenuating circumstance preventing you from showing up to your lesson on time (for example, inclement weather, car problems, etc.), please notify both your teacher and XSOM admin.

  • Lost time will only be made up if the lateness is due to an extenuating circumstance.

Section 4b - Dress Code

  • Students should come to their lessons dressed as if they were in a school.

  • Avoid wearing things like PJs, large hoop earrings, baggy clothing, or clothing that is very tight and/or revealing.

  • If the student is found to be underdressed or wearing inappropriate attire, they may be asked to change into something more suitable. Unfortunately, this time cannot be made up.

Section 4c - Phones, recording devices, and communications

  • During a lesson, phones should be kept on silent mode so as not to pose a distraction.

  • Under NO circumstances will audio or video recording of the lesson be permitted on any device.

  • All communication between the student/parent and teacher shall remain strictly via email. For security reasons, we will not be able to provide you with your teacher's phone number. If you need to get in touch with your teacher, you can email them directly, email XSOM admin, or call our office at 647-947-9237.

  • Under no circumstances should a parent/student and a teacher exchange phone numbers or personal contact information. If you are found to have a teacher's personal contact info, XSOM shall treat this as a breach of our studio policy and this may result in all lessons being suspended with no refund.

Section 4d - Drop-off and pickup

  • This applies to in-person lessons in the teacher's home.

  • Parents can drop off students for each lesson and pick them up when the lesson is finished.

  • If you would like to "sit in" during your child's lesson, you will need to ask the teacher for permission, and it is up to the teacher's discretion whether or not parents are allowed into the learning space in the teacher's home.

Section 5 - Online lessons

  • For students who are taking online lessons, we ask that the following measures are taken into account to minimize distractions and maximize the quality of your lessons:

    • Keep the lesson space clean, tidy, and well-lit.

    • There should be as little background noise as possible.

    • A device with a large screen, webcam/front-facing camera, and microphone (either built-in or external) is recommended, such as a desktop PC, laptop, or iPad. If none of these are available, a smartphone may be used although it is not recommended.

    • Please make sure your devices are plugged in and/or sufficiently charged, as online video conferencing can use up a lot of battery.

    • If possible, have a backup device such as a laptop, phone, or tablet to use if your primary device stops working during the lesson.

    • Make sure you have a steady internet connection to minimize video/audio lag and other technical issues. It is recommended to stay close to your internet router during the lesson, if possible.

    • Headphones are recommended during your lesson since they provide better audio quality in general.

    • Remember to contact XSOM if you experience severe technical issues out of your control that would prevent you from having your online lesson.

Section 6a - Media Release

  • XSOM hosts two events each year, a winter concert and a late spring/summer concert.

  • Students who participate in these events may be video recorded and photographed.

  • This media will be uploaded on the XSOM website ( as well as the XSOM social media channels on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for promotional purposes.

  • By choosing to enroll in music lessons at XSOM and participating in our events, students 18 and older or parents of students under the age of 18 agree to the possibility of having your likeness or your child's likeness captured and used for promotional purposes.

Section 6b - Disclaimer

  • By signing up for music lessons at Xavier's School of Music, you are doing so out of your own choosing and free will, and you agree to the terms and conditions stated in this studio policy. Failure to abide by these terms and conditions will result in the termination of music lessons and no refund shall be given for any lessons paid for. XSOM shall not be held liable for any loss of property, property damage, and/or personal injuries that may or may not be associated with music lessons, and you agree to waive any and all such claims against XSOM.

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