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You can view our current rates for music lessons below. Please note that payments are made in advance as a monthly subscription to one of our plans (see below). You are not bound to any term or contract and you can cancel at any time provided that you give XSOM at least 1 month's notice. Pricing is the same for all instruments, but changes based on the duration and location of the lesson. For full details please read our studio policy.

Teacher's home or online
$25.00/30 minutes*
$37.50/45 minutes*
$50.00/1 hour*

Student's home
$35.00/30 minutes*
$47.50/45 minutes*
$60.00/1 hour*

*This is the pricing for regular weekly lessons not including any promotions or offers.

Payment is made monthly in advance. Please read our Studio Policy and/or FAQ section for full details.