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Alicia Fallon DeLuca

Voice and piano teacher

Canadian Pop multi talented singer/songwriter/producer/artist/director/dancer/fashionista and not to mention all star city athlete, Alicia Fallon DeLuca was born in Windsor, Ontario Canada! (Rose City) A new emerging superstar with captivating lyrics and alluring melodies for music fans all over the world to enjoy has re-emerged once again to remind not only music fans, but, herself why she started singing and pursuing music in the first place.

“I’ve been doing it naturally since a young girl”!…And it’s like free therapy. I love to be able to connect with others through music. Not only does it allow me to express myself, but, I get to let all my frustrations out whilst playing different characters!"

This exceptional vocalist has been in love and happily married with the entertainment industry since a young girl. Alicia first starting out writing poetry and playing music when she was very small. When she was only 14 she managed, designed, choreographed and performed her own show with dancers performing in the background. When she was 16 yrs old, she entered the popular reality show Canadian Idol and placed top 40 in all of Canada. After graduating from high school, she decided to move forward towards her music career goals and aspirations full-time - traveling around the world performing, writing, recording, directing, along with fashion styling on and off-stage anywhere and everywhere possible.

Alicia Fallon D. is setting the bar high for music followers to appreciate her new and fresh perspective, individual sound, and unique craft compared to all the pop fluff that's out there with all basic formula and no substance. She's pretty much the meat and potatoes to any meal you can whip up on a plate! Great, new and inspiring concepts, vocal range versatility, hypnotizing melodies, raw vocal tone mixed with honest heartfelt lyrics, with smooth slick cadences and catchy top lines…Not to mention the incredible background harmonies notes that she choses for herself, all with her own vocals, to sound like a full choir. All of these factors contrive of what people would describes as, Fallon's style. Simply because she hasn't yet been able to fit in any box or genre that she has been thrown into through the years, doesn’t mean she can’t make her own lane, whenever she so pleases…which is why she has invented her own genre called Hip.E.Pop.Rock (mixed genre with Hiphop, Electronic, Pop and Rock). She is also well known for her Grammy award-winning song/foundation “Be Human” that she wrote for singer/songwriter Monica Brown. She is definitely branding herself up to be one of  the greatest female entertainers that has ever blessed a microphone.

List of some of her accomplishments:

  • A Grammy award winning singer/songwriter for the Song/ Foundation, “Be Human”, with Monica Brown in the U.S.

  • New Genre Creator of “Hip.E.PopRock “! It’s a mixture of different sounds meshed up together to make her own personal style of music…It is an abbreviation for, Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, and Rock.

  • Placing Top 40 in all of Canada at the age of 16 on the hit TV show, “Canadian Idol“

  • Graduated from the Clive Davis Music and Arts Academy in New York City.

  • Singing with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra and performing live a 007-themed pop show.

  • Performed Lead Vocals with the “Soul Shakers Band“, for the “Fight against Autism Fundraiser.“

  • Organizer, performer, choreographer and host of her own benefit concert for the “Teen Health Care Centre."

  • 1 year study with BERKLEY vocal coach Cathy Costa

  • Experienced vocal Instructor for The Royal Canadian Conservatory

  • Performing the national anthem at numerous sporting events in Canada and the U.S.A.

  • Experienced performer for over 10 years in singing live music on the Casino main stage and gigging all over Canada and the U.S.

  • Recently finished a U.S tour with superstar artists Travis Scott and Don Toliver along with other big A-list musicians.

  • Released over 40 original songs on SoundCloud and other music streaming platforms.

  • Currently working on an album.

  • Some musical inspirations are: Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Alicia Keys, Tori Kelly, Jennifer Hudson, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Pavoroti, and Mini Ruperton.

Alicia Fallon DeLuca
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