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Mahsa Jasem Arizi

Piano teacher

Mahsa offers lessons in English and Farsi.

Hi, I’m Mahsa! I began learning how to play the piano when I was ten years old, and have been playing since. Despite having performed in front of loved ones, several festivals, concerts and recitals, nothing ever beats the feeling I have after completing a class with a student. Knowing that I am able to pass on my hard-earned knowledge to a bright-eyed student is a feeling of satisfaction that no round of applause can compare to. I try my best to make my lessons engaging and exciting, ensuring that my students are leaving with not only musical experience but also a sense of pride, knowing that their hard work is reaping its results. As for my hobbies, I love to read and watch my favourite shows/movies! I also enjoy cuddling with my two adorable cats and fluffy dog.

Mahsa Jasem Arizi
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