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Mandy Lai

Piano teacher

Mandy offers lessons in English and Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin).

Hi, I'm Mandy! My teaching philosophy involves illustrating my values, obtaining insights about my students and demonstrating my professionalism and goals. I have 12 years of piano playing experience, and I have completed my RCM grade 10 piano as well as my ARCT level of harmony and history. I have been teaching private piano lessons for 2-3 years and my students have achieved certificates with distinction when completing RCM exams up to grade 8 piano. I have strong communication skills and interpersonal skills. My learning styles are being a guardian who is a responsible and rule-governed person. Due to the growing environment that I am in, I have been practicing to follow instructions and use my creativity to learn and elaborate my learning throughout my academic school years. I love to establish goals and fulfill my duties as a music teacher. I want my students to enjoy their lessons with positive learning attitudes, engagement, and motivation. Giving positive feedback and reflection at the end of each lesson will help my students develop and improve their skills.

Mandy Lai
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