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Michael Mo

Piano teacher

Michael offers lessons in English and Chinese (Mandarin).

Hi! My name is Michael Mo. I've been involved in many aspects of music for a large part of my life. My parents first got me into piano when I was six years old. Although it wasn't quite as enjoyable at first, I grew to love music through the support of friends and my encouraging teachers. Since then, I've tried different instruments such as the saxophone and tuba, but piano remains my favourite. After completing my ARCT for piano in 2022, I began experimenting with traditional Chinese music and jazz. The music teachers I have met throughout my musical journey were really supportive and I hope, as I grow as a musician and teacher, that I can also be an inspiration to young talents. Aside from my own pursuits, at school I've helped many of my peers prepare for their RCM exams, performances, and competitions. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games and badminton with friends. I also recently found a new interest in computer programming.

Michael Mo
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