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Nathanael Xavier

Founder and Director
Piano and violin teacher

Welcome to Xavier's School of Music!

Being an accomplished pianist and violinist with over 25 years of music experience and over a decade of teaching experience, I decided to create Xavier's School of Music in January 2017, as a place for people of all ages to start their musical journey and discover their love for music.

For as long as I can remember I've had a passion for music, which all started at the age of six when my parents signed me up for piano lessons. Seeing my love for music, they enrolled me into the RCM piano program and I continued to learn and grow as a pianist, eventually completing my Level 10 practical exam in high school.

I studied at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts and chose to specialize in strings, which yielded my love for another instrument - the violin. During my time there I belonged to many of the school's orchestras and took part in several concerts, festivals, and music conferences, which sharpened my skill and passion for music. Although I took a bit of a detour after high school (I studied animation and started working in the animation/visual effects industry), I never stopped the music, and I continued to push myself to greater heights in both the piano and violin.

Fast forward to today, where I am an RCM certified teacher and have completed my ARCT in piano performance. I also hold a Bachelor of Education degree from York University and am certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. In addition to managing Xavier's School of Music, I currently work part-time for the Toronto Catholic District School Board as an occasional teacher. Besides the piano and violin, I also play trumpet, guitar, melodica, and a bit of percussion. I also compose my own music and have scored music for a few short films.

In my free time, I enjoy playing video games and board games as well as watching TV shows and movies. I love to spend time with my family doing all of the above.

My hope is that Xavier's School of Music can help people realize how essential learning music is. Music provides an outlet to de-stress, relax, and have fun for many. And for those who wish to pursue music as a career, know that it is a long road ahead but it will be rewarding in the end! Once again, I welcome you to the community and I wish you a prosperous future in the world of music!


Nathanael Xavier

Nathanael Xavier
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