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Veronica Schmeiser

Flute teacher

Veronica offers lessons in English and French.

Hello! My name is Veronica. I started my journey as a musician long before finding my passion for the flute. As a child, I sang in choirs, took piano lessons, taught myself to play the ukulele, and… I even wrote cheesy breakup songs in hopes of becoming the next Taylor Swift! I was first introduced to the flute whilst attending a concert at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts. A performance of a solo flautist accompanied by choir, left me awestruck and inspired. I was so affected by her performance that I started flute lessons shortly after, and have been part of the band program at Cardinal Carter for the last six years. I have had the amazing opportunity of becoming a section leader and mentor to younger flute students. I have now been playing the flute for almost a decade. I love connecting with students who are just as passionate about music. I truly cherish the opportunity to help younger musicians develop their skills, and love learning from them along the way!

Veronica Schmeiser
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