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Zoe Guan

Cello teacher

Zoe offers lessons in English and Chinese (Mandarin).

Hi, I'm Zoe! After graduating from The Affiliated High School of China Conservatory of Music, I joined the York University Department of Music. As a passionate musician with more than ten years of experience playing cello in a symphony orchestra as the first chair, I believe that students should all be given opportunities to learn and explore their musical potentials. Students need to develop their individual understanding of music and build their musical identity through music education and practical performances. This unique understanding should be both academic and esthetic. It helps to appreciate different music genres and also encourages us to embrace a variety of cultures and deeper understanding of our own culture within such a globalized and multi-cultural society.

I am also experienced in digital composition, track recording and adaptability. Education and music have been longstanding interests of mine, and I believe the combination of my expertise, the professional and teaching experience in both China and Canada, presents an excellent fit for Xavier's School of Music.

I love playing in a quartet. Skiing is another hobby of mine, which is probably one of the main reasons I love staying in Canada.

Zoe Guan
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